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Clare Best
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My Message:
Some of you who are on FB and Twitter will already know that on Saturday evening I completed in 2 hours and 17 minutes the 200 length/5 km challenge as part of the Swimathon, thereby raising nearly £500. I want to thank you ALL again for sponsoring me and for supporting Marie Curie Cancer Care.

It was a bit more stressful than swimming in my usual contemplative state, up and down up and down in a morning blur! There were a lot of fast swimmers in my lane, and I was the only one doing breaststroke (can't do crawl – never mastered the breathing) so I kept feeling the other swimmers tap-tapping on my heels, and had to make way for them. But I think that speeded me up. There was also dreadful piped muzak to contend with, rather than my own generally peaceful thoughts, and for that reason alone I was glad of the hideous pink rubber hat which was compulsory wear (so the lane-counters could count accurately!). The hat pulled well down over my ears blocked out some of the muzak. The last 30 0r 40 lengths were much more enjoyable... when I was the only swimmer left in my lane. There's a moral in this, of course.

So there we are. Challenge done. I crashed on Saturday night but feel great now, and am resuming my more reasonable 3 x 50 length swims per week...

Love and thanks again

Clare x


Goal: £300
Raised: £486
Sponsors: 25
162% of goal achieved

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For more information about the Swimathon 2013, visit www.swimathon.org or contact us on info@swimathon.org.

Swimathon 2013