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Kate and the Imps go El Cid

Your support is truly appreciated

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  • Nasty arms trade!
  • Kat on a mountain
    Kat Hobbs having run up a mountain
  • Kat Hobbs
    Kat Hobbs after another successful year of running and raising funds for CAAT.
Kate Byrne
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My Message

From 26th May to 12th June 2011 I will cycle the El Cid route from Bilbao to Valencia with nine friends - the IMPS. We will be cycling some 50 miles or more every day, with some challenging hills.

You have all heard of El Cid and perhaps even seen gun-loving Charlton Heston play him. As he (EC not CH) seems to have spent a lot of his time on earth killing people, I would like you to donate a little to CAAT to help even the score. Every penny you contribute will go straight to CAAT as I am paying for my own cycle ride expenses.

CAAT tackles one of the key root causes of conflict and instability around the world: Britain's weapon sales abroad. Every hour, 35 people are killed by armed conflict. I'm cycling to help end Britain's role as one of the five biggest arms exporters in the world.

Please sponsor me today and inspire me to keep on going when it gets tough! Let’s remind El Cid and his kind that War is really Not the Answer.

Thank you!



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Noresh Das Gupta 

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Sebastian Byrne 

Jean Wroe 

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Sal Wood 

Graham Jones 

Daniel Knight 

E Lees 

Vicky Dunne 

Tom Lutzeier 

Peter Kirby 

Arnold Ridout 

Paul Wrighton 

Liz and Martin Holman 

Martin Tilley 

James Veal 

Jimmy Hall 

Paul Tucker 

Roraima Joebear 

Keith Bradshaw 


Lorena Persano 

John Wild 

Anja Lamprecht 

Alexandre Santacreu 


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